Light LED dance show “Flashlight”

Stylish dance show that best suits corporate events and elaborate ceremonies. Costumes by our designers are embellished with lit LED’s. The show has a dynamic soundtrack. Our stage property is finished in bright colors.


Technical rider:

Minimum stage size 5Ч6 meters. Stage surface should be clean, dry and free of confetti. All cables, power cords and microphone stands must be removed. In case the stage is too small or strewn with equipment we work in front of it.

The height of the ceiling should be at least 3.5m. All suspended structures and lighting devices should be placed above the height of 3.5 meters.

Stage entrance should have access from both sides (right and left). A pad about 3Ч3 meters for preparing stage property should be situated behind the main stage, close to the stage entrance so that the audicence cannot see it.

Sound: sound equipment 4kW (minimum). A player to play a CD or USB Flash drive.

Please inform us in advance what type of media the soundtrack can be played through.

Light and special effects: the show is held in the dark. All basic and additional equipment must be turned off.

Our technician should agree on technical aspects of the show with lighting technician and sound engineer beforehead (perform sound check and light check).

Our technician sets the smoke generator in the centre of the front side of the stage 5 minutes before the show begins. To do that he needs to have a 220V socket not more than 5 meters away from the stage.

Timing: We need from 30 minutes to 1 hour to prepare for the show. We need to know the exact time of going out on stage 1h/20 minutes /5 minutes before the show, taking into account any possible changes.

Dressing room should be as close as possible to the stage. Mirror, chairs for each artist, still water, juice, napkins, snacks, tea and coffee, two 220W sockets minumum.

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Цена: от 40 000 руб.


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