Light Neon show “Illumination”

Bright costumes glow in neon light. We use a lot of LED and fluoriscent stage property in this show.

Order our show «Illumination» if you need to make space-like atmosphere at your party.


Technical rider:

Minimum stage size 5Ч6 meters. Stage surface should be clean, dry and free of confetti. All cables, power cords and microphone stands must be removed. In case the stage is too small or strewn with equipment we work in front of it.

The height of the ceiling should be at least 3.0m. All suspended structures and lighting devices should be placed above the height of 3.0 meters.

Stage entrance should have access from both sides (right and left). A pad about 3Ч3 meters for preparing stage property should be situated behind the main stage, close to the stage entrance so that the audicence cannot see it.

Sound: sound equipment 4kW (minimum). A player to play a CD or USB Flash drive.

Please inform us in advance what type of media the soundtrack can be played through.

Заказать шоу

Цена: от 40 000 руб.