Fire-pyrotechnic show (Fire show)

Extravaganza’s fire-pyrotechnic show is a show of highest level performed by inherently best russian team! It is a stylish choreographed show with lots of pyrotechnic effects, synchronized dances and stunts from masters of sport in rhythmic-sportive gymnastics. We use our most effective and beautiful stage property in this show: fans, POI, jumping rope, cubes, umbrellas, hoola hoops, spheres, staff, double staff, dragon staff. Elegant costumes by our designers transform throughout the show and add more effectiveness to the performance. A powerful pyrotechnic finale makes the end of the show very impressive.


Special programs for weddings and corporate events.

Our experienced pyrotechnicians can create any caption, pyrotechnical path, figures or fireworks. We can also decorate the set with a whole garden of fire candles.

We can represent and warrant that our performances are totally safe as we have lots of experience working with fire. Throughout years of practice we have tried and tested our own system of working with flammable stage property. We observe all fire safety regulations and have all the necessary documentation and protective equipment. Our technician who is always present at the show ensures there will be no unpleasant surprises.

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Цена: от 40 000 руб.