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«Extravaganza», then , to invite me to visit the masters of the highest level , which act in the genre for more than a year. The team presents a show in different countries and cities of Russia, performs in the most prestigious venues in Moscow , takes part in international festivals.
Prices for the show you can find out by contacting our manager from the page “Contacts” .

Laser- mirror show

This show Premium class. Beautiful and elegant production that combines dance choreography , fabulous costumes from the mirror , juggling props, lighting , laser and light effects. This show is very popular , and with the success it has been shown in Thailand, Georgia , Switzerland, Poland , the Czech Republic , Estonia, Georgia, Armenia , and Azerbaijan.

Light show

The light show is absolutely safe for indoor use. We offer a choice of 4 different light programs . The bright and stylish show ” Lightning ” – ideal for business meetings and elegant celebrations. Neon space show “Illumination” which uses costumes , glowing in neon light . Fairy tale ” The Dragon and the Fairy ” and ” Dolls” with light puppets . Light show on the “Extravaganza” – this is a fascinating action you want to see it to believe in magic !

Fire Show

«Extravaganza» – this is the original , incredibly beautiful and spectacular performance where there are no words used exclusively the language of dance and fire. And every viewer finds in the story represent something different, exciting and appealing . «Extravaganza» – a unique , completely safe Fire show. We comply with all the rules and requirements of fire safety , as evidenced by appropriate documentation. But the most important thing – it is our experience over the years and developed system of the fuel props. We have available all the necessary tools to maintain fire safety during the fire show .