The festival of the light named “Light on”

27th of June at the Park “Riviera”, Sochi was the festival of lights named “Light on”. As a part of the festival, guests were able to enjoy by the unusual light installations, a fascinating show program. Also guests take the participation in the flash mob and to watch awesome theater and dance performances. Extravaganza show was headlining of the festival and began the performance with the best programs of the light as “Mirror Kingdom” and “Diamonds”.


The mirror-laser show “Mirror Kingdom”.
The mirror-laser show of “Extravaganza show” leads you into the mysterious and intriguing world of “Mirror Kingdom”. Unimaginable, bright like diamonds, the suits completely filled with fragments of the mirror, which refract the laser beams into thousands of reflections.

“Mirror Kingdom” is a unique graphical pixel show, combining synchronization of costumes, props, stage light and the special background video. The choreography of the show is harmoniously blending with the latest lighting technologies and extraordinary special effects that makes the show stunning!

This show is going to be memorable and unique accent for your event, whether it is a corporate party or wedding or even children’s party. And all the pictures on the LED props will be transformed exactly for your event!
* Duration of the show: 13 minutes
* it is possible to make short version for seven minutes only.

Show “The Flashlight”.

The program combines the special fashion LED suits. Also it uses an advanced pixel props and unique choreography with incendiary dances. This stylish light show is ideal for any kind of business events, as well as for a wedding party, a birthday party or an anniversary party. ” The Flashlight” is sort of positive energy for your celebration!
* Duration of the show: 13 minutes
* Composition: approx 4-8 of artists

Fairy tale “Dolls”.
The tale of the life of dolls which come alive at night time can not leave anyone indifferent, especially kids. Magic music of the most famous Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky that playing in new age style. Dancing glowing dolls, multicolored neon butterfly, huge LED rabbit and many other surprises will lead the audience into a wonderful and fabulous world!
Don’t forget to make programming pixel poi and at the show will be appear the name of the birthday’s person, age, birthday greetings or any other text, which will give delight and unforgettable emotions

Children’s tale about a dragon and fairies.
Children’s light tale “Dragon and Fairies” will take you into a world where are living cute fairies and charming dragon. This interactive story filled out with bright and colorful props, magic and special effects, fabulous luminous characters. The tale tells about the kindness in positive manner! Tale is the one of the most popular gifts for children’s birthday party.