Зазеркалье / Mirror Kingdom
Огненное шоу / Fire show
Дракон и феи / Dragon and Fairies
Куклы / The Dolls
Молнии / Flashlight
Beautiful world of blazing lights!Extravaganza Show is a team of light and fire show professionals. We have been making shows since 2010. Our actors have more than 8 years of experience. We have taken part in major festivals and other events in Russia, UAE, Qatar, Switzerland, Tailand, Georgia, Poland, Estonia, Azerbaijan,Latvia, Norway, Chech Republic and Armenia.Sony, Tissot, Coca-Cola, Mail.Ru, Gazprom are among our clients.If you order our show you can choose from 5 different light show programs and 3 different fire-pirotechnic show programs including special effects, fireworks and pyrotechnical logos. We work with the best choreographers in Moscow and have our own atelier for making our stage property and a rehearsal room where our actors hone their skills everyday. Given all that we are proud to be able to make really sophisticated shows that will definitely fit in your event.
New! Pixel poi - light graphic props

New! The unique graphic props that can be programmed to play the glowing logo , brand name , or dedicated graphics. Pixel poi produce an incredible experience for any celebration ! This may include props in any program Extravaganza show. Pixel poi – it’s a light stick , which contains a plurality of programmable LEDs. The images are loaded via the USB port. Pixel poi contains 96 super-bright RGB LEDs that reproduce a rich palette of colors. The prop embedded controllers , making the whole show can be synchronized to within a second and clearly pick up each other visuals, choreography and sound design . Pictures that create pixel – poi are unique and add beauty and singularity of speech . This unique props opens up new possibilities for the realization of different ideas!

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